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In Between The Sky And Every Piece Of The Earth

A Year-And-A-Day Of Spiritual Learning

A Year And A Day
26 March 1986
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The name of my journal, 366_days is in reference to the term of "A Year And A Day" of study that is common among some pagan circles. Essentially, this means that for a year and a day, one will learn about paganism (or interests within), before reaching a decision, spiritually, of where one would want to go.

The name 366_days is a little misleading. Including the day I am starting with, this journal will be in effect for at least 368 days, since 2008 is going to be a leap year. I will be using this journal to complete my "year and a day". I will be posting information I learn online, in books, and from other sources. I will also be posting personal entries about my thoughts, ideas, and views as I study belifs, history, etc. about paganism.

About myself:
I am a 21-year-old Aries female located in the DFW area, attending UNT (senior). I am majoring in Literature (and Creative Writing to a degree), and have a minor in music. I decided paganism was the way I wanted to go when I was 14, after about a year of experience and learning. I started out with a strong Wiccan background, but soon left that, realizing 1. the BS that goes on in many Wiccan communities, and 2. because the views didn't completly fit my views. Even so, I am fairly well versed in Wicca in general. I moved towards Zen-Buddhism later, though, once again, found bits to fit and others not at all. I've always had an interest in Athena and explored Hellenic Reconstructionism for a good while, though, recently realized that it and and it's sometime counterpart, Asatru/Heathenism (Norse)were not for me, due to "community" reasons more than actual belifs. I still have a strong tie with the Pallas Athena that I wish to strengthen over this next year.

Because of all of this, I have developed a very strongly ecclectic style of paganism. Even so, I've always felt that I needed to find a much stronger path than being a Kiester-of-pagans (Kiester = people who go to church on Christmas/Easter). Recently, after completing some magic work (By the way, I don't spell magic "majick." Spelling doesn't make it any different to me.) that I should have completed a long time ago, I recieved a sign that I need to start working for this path. The path wouldn't come to me.

I belive that I'm going to be drawn to a form of celestial worship. I have always had an obsession with the moon, sky, sun, stars, and sky in general. I also have a strong tie with the ocean and areas with water. Many times, I have found that these dieties and worship forms combine celestial and aquatic. I'm not saying I'm 100% sure this is will I will end up, but I know this is where I'm going to start.

Also, I have a strong Bahai influence from when I was young and from when I was a preteen that only pushes this year-and-a-day learning style.

I also read tarot cards, and have hoped/hope to develop my skills at palm reading. I read with the Rider-Waite deck currently. It was my first deck when I was 13, and while I've tried, literally, 6 other decks, this one is the one that I have always come back to, the one that is always the most accurate, and the one that has always felt "right" to me. I also have a strong liking of Dischordisnism, with it's satire of religion and with it's strangly serious undertones.

I was also the co-founder of UNT's A Circle of Three Trees, (UNT's pagan association) 3 years ago. I was the VP for the first two years and the President this last year. Sadly, the group disbanded at the end of this last year due to me stepping down and others not wanting to take my place.

As for now, I shall leave end at this. Over the next year and a day, which, appropriatly, will be ending on next year's Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, I will probably fill up this journal with more than enough about my spiritual belifs!

Blessings! ^_^